20 Minute Chakra Cleanse

Due to popularity, I've decided to bring back the 20 minute chakra cleanse. During this session, I will scan each client's chakras, and clear unwanted energies while simultaneously connecting each chakra to earth and source energies. 

Some of the benefits my clients report from receiving chakra cleansing sessions are:

1. More energy and vitality

2. A sense of calmness and wellbeing

3. A reduction in stress

4. Reductions in pain levels

5. Greater allowing and flow in day to day lives.

6. An ability to more easily solve issues and day to day problems.

7. An overall sense of relaxation.

Please book a time for this session when you will not be disturbed and can relax and close your eyes. 

*This session will not be over the phone, however at its conclusion, you will receive a confirmation call from me. 

Before beginning, please find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed for at least 20 minutes, and drink a glass of water prior to appointment time. 

Schedule your appointment time below:

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