What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is the act of an energy worker tapping into the energy body to assist in releasing trapped emotional and physical misalignment. While many are open to the idea of neuropathways in the brain correlating with our thoughts and experiences, it’s only recently that western medicine has begun to open up to the idea that our energy, emotions, our beliefs, and our thoughts are all tied together. Essentially, it’s like an ecosystem, where all the parts work together creating the entirety of “you.” Because of this, if you are carrying any beliefs or experiences that aren’t serving you in some way, it can have an effect on your body, mind, and emotional state. By tapping into the energy body, practitioners are able to help find and address the root cause of mind/body discomfort, and help restore clients back to their own naturally self-restorative state.

What will it feel like?

Because each person's energy is so unique, what they feel as a result of energy healing can vary. There are, however, some common things people report after a session: Physically: Clients often feel lighter, and more energized. As their energy releases toxic beliefs and trauma, many people have felt that it relieved physical discomfort as well. Directly after a session, some have reported feelings of being tired, hungry, or thirsty. These feelings are temporary and are just signs of adjusting to the the new energy. I would encourage each client to drink a lot of water during this time as it restores the system and helps the energy to flow.
Emotionally: Clients often find themselves feeling more positive and confident, as well as better equipped to create the life of their dreams. While sometimes directly after or during a session, there may be a moment where there is an urge to cry, this is actually quite positive and is a sign of emotional release that is assisting the body in letting go of old energy. *Side Note: While energy healing can be very helpful in assisting with relief both physically, mentally and emotionally, I am not a doctor and it's not recommended that energy healing should be used in lieu of medical treatment by a professional.*

What are long distance energy sessions, and do they work as well?

Long distance energy sessions are done without being in the same room, or even geographical location as the client. These are the type of sessions that I do exclusively, and energy can be sent to anywhere in the world (Although, at this moment in time, I only offer my hourly intuitive sessions to residents of the USA). While it may seem like a session wouldn’t be as effective as being in the same room with someone, it is, in fact, every bit as powerful as being present. This is because the energy system doesn’t have the same boundaries as the physical body in terms of physical blocks as well as distance. Thus, working from small and even great distances does not keep the energy exchange from being potent and powerful.

Do I have to believe in energy healing for it to work for me?

No. In fact, the first time I had a session many years ago which introduced me into the world of energy healing, I was unsure about the process. Then, I experienced the results for myself. I was feeling relief in ways I couldn’t have even thought of. Relief can happen regardless of whether or not someone is skeptical. However, as a light based worker, I believe in the importance of choice. If there is something that someone does not want to change in their energy system, I always do my best to respect that choice from a space of love and non-judgement. So, even if you are holding doubts, you can still greatly benefit from a session. We can even use that time to help to release those doubts to facilitate deeper relief. However, to facilitate change, I ask that clients come from a space of willingness. For this reason, I don’t offer gift cards, because choosing to receive energy work is a deeply personal choice.

How much does it cost?

My limiting belief clearing sessions are $150 an hour.

What is the Law of Attraction, or Manifestation?

"The Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself, is drawn." -Abraham Hicks This means that what you think about, believe and how you feel determines not only how you experience your life, but also what kinds of events, people and even objects show up in your experience. The Law of Attraction is at the basis of what I teach in my sessions, as well as how I encourage relief and success with my clients. My client-specific coaching is centered around the belief that we are the creators of our experiences, and that by changing our internal and energetic world, we can change our lives.

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