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If you've found this page, then you were meant to find me! Something inside you said you're ready to feel more powerful, more confident, and get relief from drama/trauma emotional cycles for good!

Whether you've tried lots of energy healing before and are looking to finally make lasting changes in some stubborn areas, or are brand new to energy work, Lindsay Ferrin Energy Healing is a safe place for everyone. Start where you are, and get ready for big shifts!

I believe 100% that what the mind can conceive, it can achieve. The problem is, most of us don't truly know how incredible we are. Using Law of Attraction, Energy techniques, and a number of proven and effective tools, I can easily help you reclaim your life, your power, and find that "you" that knows the world is yours for the taking!

What can lindsay's sessions do for me?

My sessions are the first step in looking to improve your energy, emotional health and mindset about:



Overcoming Fears

Better Sense of Well-Being

Goal Setting

Feeling confident and Powerful

Financial mindset

Understanding the Law Of Attraction

Increasing Intuition

Getting "Unstuck"

Tapping Into Your Passion

Getting Over the Past


Increase in Spirituality

who are these sessions for?

While I will say that my methods often work more quickly and effectively than other healers I've experienced (yes, I've tried so many different modalities it's hard to keep track, which is why I've been able to find what works, and what doesn't), there still is an initial investment in yourself I encourage my clients to make. 

When you're building a house, you want the foundation to be strong. You give it time to be planned, built, and set properly before you start to build on top of it. Your life deserves the proper foundation.

This isn't a magic bullet, though some clients have told me it feels like my sessions feel like a gigantic shortcut! I make efficient use of our time and if you're ready for change, you'll find it here. Investing in yourself will have greater returns than any other investment, because YOU are the only constant variable in EVERY area of your life.

 Choose to invest in yourself NOW.

what kind of results will I see?



Where do I even begin? Words that come to mind when I think about what Lindsay has helped me with through our energy sessions are: Healing. Enthusiasm. Focus. Forgiveness. HAPPINESS!! Lindsay has helped me untangle the issues in my life that have kept me from being my best self. If you’re looking for a change in your life, I 100% recommend starting here with Lindsay.              

                                          -Lauren P.

Lindsay is amazing! We decided to work through some subconscious fears I had surrounding birth and my ability to give birth the way I want to. I didn't even realize all of the stuck feelings I really had until she would say things and it was like "oh my gosh, YES! That's exactly what I'm feeling!" and then she would help me let it go. It was truly life changing. I feel so much more confident and ready! Not to mention, she's such a sweet heart and makes it really easy to be open. Love her!

                                         -Alyssa B.

*For more reviews, see my Testimonial's page

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