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30 Second Headache Relief

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Right off the bat, I’m going to address how gimmicky that title sounds for a blog about self improvement and natural healing BUT, since discovering this technique I’ve guided multiple people through this visualization process with great success. It’s easy, and it works. Fast.

So, let’s get down to the basics of it. When you’re suffering from a headache, there may be many reasons physically that can cause this such as hunger, hormones, and stress. Energetically, for these purposes at least, we’re going to look at it in a much simpler way; When you have a headache, it is because somewhere inside your head, the energy is blocked. The flow has stagnated and the resistance of energy is causing pain.

Alright, if your energy is stuck, then, how do you get it moving again? This technique is a visualization and breathing process I came up with, and even though it’s simple in nature, I promise, it’s more powerful than you might think.

To get started: Sit,or lay down comfortably, drink a glass of water if possible, and make sure you are somewhere it is safe to close your eyes.

  • Imagine you can see inside your brain, skull, or head where the pain is. Use your awareness to search until you find and pinpoint the spot where the pain is emanating from. It may seem like the headache is all over, but if you concentrate, there should be a spot which is the “origin location” where the ache is spreading out from (I often see it as a pinpoint of red light, but it may be a different visual for different people). Put your attention there.

  • Take one of your pointer fingers and hold it in the air beside your head. Imagine “pushing” the pointer finger through your skull as if it can go through solid objects (There is no need to stab yourself in the head with your finger here, just imagining it and doing the motions next to your head is enough).

  • With your pointer finger, imagine going straight to that pinpoint spot where the pain originates and touching it with the pad of your finger. You’ll know when you’re in the right spot, because there is often an emotional reaction to “touching” the block. Sometimes it might be a wave of energy, or sometimes it might be the need to cry. Whatever the reaction is or is not, it is all a part of the process and just flowing with it will already assist in release..

  • Now that you are “touching” the spot, start spinning your finger in a circle to “gather” the energy. I often imagine it as if I’m wrapping pasta around the edge of a fork, picking up more and more with every spin. Breathe deeply during this process.

  • Finally, when you have wrapped as much energy as you can around your finger, breathe in deeply as you “pull” the energy from outside of your head. Act as if the inhale were sucking the energy from your finger to the outside of your body as you pull your finger back quickly away from your head. Then, exhale deeply and “throw” the stuck energy to the sky and to the light.(Very deep breaths are extremely important at this stage and are what facilitates the movement of the energy.)

  • Repeat the exercise until the headache pain has subsided and the energy can move more freely again.

And that’s it! It’s really simple, but I’ve seen it work for many, many clients with headache concerns to bring very quick relief. I’ve even tried it on other pain areas in my body with great results. You deserve to feel good, and hopefully this can be one more tool in your belt to help you get there! Many blessings!

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