Intuitive energy clearing sessions are at the moment the only type of sessions I offer, largely, because they are the most effective for massive clearing and shifts.


At their core, my methods and mottos are freedom based, which means that during any session, it's not my job to identify for you which beliefs you should or shouldn't adhere to. Instead, I help my clients to understand what it is they believe about their world, and whether or not those belief systems are working towards creating the lives that they want. 

I am also here to help facilitate a broader understanding of the laws of the universe and law of attraction to help emphasize with each client how to easily create the lives that they want. 


What to expect from a session:


There are three major areas I focus on throughout a session:


1. Removing blocks: As we discuss individual needs and issues, I will tune in to the energy field to sense and address some of the beliefs and blocks that might be hindering each client from creating the life that they want. I will assist in clearing these beliefs as well as often discussing any findings that could facilitate healing through awareness.


2. Sending positive energy: At the start of each session, I assist the client in a quick visualization to help them connect to the light. From this place, there is a space of freedom and love with which to strengthen and increase the energies that assist with creating a desired reality. I will also be sending reiki, light, and blessing energy frequencies throughout the session to assist in raising the client’s frequency to facilitate this.

3. Education: While each session can greatly influence the client’s experience in the world around them, there are still times when it can be useful to have tools to assist in encouraging awareness and freedom in real world situations. Having been immersed in the energy healing world for years, I have many tools that can be provided in response to individual needs to assist each individual in having a more joyful, and free life experience should they choose to practice them.







Preparing for a session: Please find a quiet space and time to set aside and drink a glass of water to facilitate healing. Upon purchase, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire which will help me to better assist you. While it is not required it is recommended to best help you with your needs.


*If you have purchased the “One Hour Intuitive Session,” this will be best utilized if you can find a place where you can speak and hear clearly to receive my phone call.*

During a session: All of my services are long distance, which means I do the energy clearing without the client being present. The energy is every bit as powerful as an in-person experience, and this provides me with the ability to assist more people.

For the hour long intuitive session, you will provide your phone number in the intake form and I will call you at the appointment time you have scheduled. During the session we will stay on the phone for the full hour, and you may discuss any concerns that come up for you. I will also be sending energy and using verbal and energetic clearing techniques throughout the phone call. At this point in time, these sessions are only provided to U.S. citizen phone numbers. This appointment type is ideal for healing specific issues and blocks, and shifting powerfully into new energy.


Cancellation and Appointment Booking: To book an appointment, scroll down and use the booking service below. You simply choose the appointment you would like to book and it will bring up an intake questionnaire along with payment options to either pay with a credit card or Paypal. There is a 24 no cancellation/no show policy where you will be charged the full amount. Outside of that time frame, you may cancel/reschedule your own sessions freely through the appointment app below. Please keep in mind that all scheduled times are in Mountain Standard Time.

After a session, Clients usually feel:

  • Greater confidence in  themselves 

  • Physical relief from pain

  • More excitement and Joy for life

  • A feeling of empowerment

  • Feelings of Clarity

  • Greater self-love

  • A feeling of freedom

  • A feeling of relief and relaxation

Clients often choose these sessions to:

  • Gain greater self confidence and self love

  • Release blocks that contribute to feeling “stuck”

  • Find their lost joy and excitement for life

  • Create the life of their dreams

  • Find and release self-sabotage

  • Gain clarity in their own intuition

  • Heal family blocks and issues

  • Relaxation

  • Safely release traumatic memories, and past events

Just a few of the tools I may use during a session are:


  • Reconnective Healing energy Cert. Eric Pearl

  • Reiki frequency energy

  • Negative emotional reversal techniques

  • “Light source” energy

  • Clearing techniques taught by Christie Marie Sheldon

  • “Pulling” unwanted energy from the energy field

  • Chakra awareness and clearing

  • Talking/Listening back and forth to facilitate energy movement

  • The use of reconnective frequencies

  • Visualization/meditation techniques

  • Card Readings

  • Magnet direction

  • “Blessing” energy

  • Ancestral healing

  • Body awareness healing

  • Tapping techniques

  • Various exercises to release resistance

Schedule a session:

*While I'm working to expand my service base, right now I only offer over the phone sessions to U.S. phone numbers.

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